Chapter 8 – Adolescence: Reflection Paper

The description of changes that happen during adolescence is clear. Adolescents experience different changes in sexual characteristics, such as menstruation. Additionally, many adolescents believe that experiences of others would not happen to them, which the chapter describes as “the Personal Fable.” Self-esteem is also a common issue among adolescents. Finally, adolescents usually have cliques and crowds.

Information about eating disorders – Bulimia and Anorexia – is crucial because understanding what is considered a disorder can help identify such behavior in life and seek treatment early. Understanding the prevalence of substance abuse and underlying reasons could be crucial in identifying and aiding the predisposed adolescents within the community. When helping adolescents, the concept of imaginary audience explains why they might tend to be egocentric. The idea of sexuality explains the need to understand that there are minorities within our society, and they deserve our support.

The concept of cliques and crowds is most relevant. I have always categorized people that are close to my life. The information about sexual minorities was much helpful. It has enhanced my understanding of how these groups experience severe challenges in coming out and the significance of supporting them and refraining from homophobic behaviors. We all need people we can trust and talk to about life experiences. Cliques could be the strength of most sexual minorities in our society and help them come out. For example, if someone is born bisexual, without having real close people, they might have to deal with severe challenges than if they had several close friends, ‘cliques.’

The content has enhanced my understanding of substance abuse among adolescents, the concept of self-conceptions and how it could affect someone’s adulthood, and the need to understand cultural differences in various development aspects. The relationship between age and crime should factor in other potential confounding variables that impact crime rates among adolescents.

I would be interested in learning more about cultural variations in adolescent sexuality. I would like to know adolescents’ life experiences in permissive, semi restrictive, and restrictive cultures and how they impact adulthood.


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