Implementing EHR at Sierra Vista Hospital

As an administrator, I could help the physicians and staff overcome the uncertainty and embrace EHR by identifying their fears and common misconceptions as the root of resistance. Doing so could facilitate the process of training and implementation because there is a better knowledge of where to pay greater attention.

Secondly, I could involve them in decision-making to achieve buy-in and reinforce the idea of participation in the implementation. The success of EHR’s implementation could require support from everyone and inventing options for mutual gain. Finally, I could ensure everyone feels free to contribute and know that their opinions are esteemed.

The hospital could enjoy numerous benefits from EHR implementation. For instance, it could help the providers diagnose patients more effectively, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care. It could also provide up-to-date information about patients at the point of care. Because the hospital has a few beds to serve thousands of residents, it could help the management prepare for changes in demand for the services and have detailed forecasts.

For the outpatient services, implementing EHR could streamline billing and reduce the costly delays and errors related to traditional paper-based invoicing. Finally, EHR is accessible from anywhere, so hospital physicians could rely on the more accurate and descriptive data to engage in community health programs with less paperwork.

Objections could range from computer illiteracy, complexity, workflow disruption, and concerns about privacy and security, and data entry. As an administrator, I could overcome these objections by crafting a training plan that could explain every bit of the EHR system by collaborating with vendors, with a gradual implementation to reduce resistance.

For instance, it could be necessary to point out that effective implementation of EHR does not cause privacy concerns. Instead, it provides an additional layer of security through firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection software. On the issue of data entry, I could use a demo EHR system to show how easy it could be to enter and retrieve data with EHR.