Intimate Partner Violence – Summary

Wilson and Webb (n.d.) define Intimate Partner Violence as physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, and psychological aggression. Domestic violence affects all genders and demographic groups. Nearly one in four adult women and one in seven men in the US have reported receiving severe physical violence from an intimate partner. Often, this violence involves people with close relationships, whether it entails emotional connectedness, ongoing physical contact or sexual intimacy, intimate familiarity, or regular contact. The Illinois Domestic Violence Act (IDVA) recognizes domestic violence as a cruel crime. It created a legal remedy for domestic victims, such as temporary legal custody, physical care for minors, and prohibition of further abuse, among others. This reflective paper will present the view domestic violence affects everyone in society, although the extent of this impact may differ.

According to Wilson and Webb (n.d.), statistics indicate that children, women, and minorities are disproportionately affected. For instance, they note that African American women are the victims of 22% of homicides in the United States. Politicians and those in authority have a responsibility to ensure laws get passed to protect the victims of domestic violence. Social workers should be trauma-informed to promote resiliency, and the government should support their service by supporting laws intended to extend protection to violence victims. According to Wilson and Webb (n.d.), there is a significant relationship between childhood experiences of abuse and violence and mental and physical health outcomes, such as chronic diseases. For this reason, domestic violence charges should not be expungable.

In conclusion, intimate partner violence affects every group in society. The brief gives insight into the statistics attributing various outcomes to this violence in the United States. Consequently, the social workers and the government have a huge task to eliminate intimate partner violence and support violence victims. My perspective has remained the same; domestic violence significantly affects children’s lives and should be confronted by all means possible. The brief has motivated me to join others in demanding additional protection for domestic violence victims.


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