Nurses’ establishment of health promoting relationships: A descriptive synthesis of anorexia nervosa research

Salzmann-Erikson, M., & Dahlén, J. (2016). Nurses’ establishment of health promoting relationships: A descriptive synthesis of anorexia nervosa research. Journal of Child and Family Studies26(1), 1-13.

2. What is the purpose of the research? What question(s) does the author(s) have related to development?

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The purpose of the research was to identify and describe the factors that promote and impede relationships between nurses and young Anorexia Nervosa patients. It also aimed to explore how these relationships benefit the patients in gaining health and well-being.

What are the patients expressed addressed motivations in the early stage and throughout the process to help them maintain a positive attitude toward change? What are the factors that promote a caring relationship, supporting the patient’s health process? What factors encourage and impede relationships between nurses and children, adolescents, and young adult patients with Anorexia Nervosa?

3. Explain how the research results address the authors’ research question(s)?

The research answers the questions by synthesizing various studies. It entails gathering samples, identifying key findings, categorizing themes across the studies, and describing the phenomena. In the first step, the researchers determined the studies to include or exclude. In the second step, the researchers read the articles thoroughly, noting key findings. Thirdly, the findings from various studies were compared and combined to get a clear picture. Finally, the researchers described the phenomena. Then, the researchers grouped the results into four categories: The essentials in a relationship, including sub-themes; The person at the center, including sub-themes; The nurses’ attitudes, including sub-themes; Knowledge, including sub-themes.

4. What are the findings of the research?

The researchers found the following to be crucial in promoting collaboration between the nurse and the patient, and which were positively related to better health outcomes: feelings of solidarity, participation, and equality; openness, integrity, and honesty; and trust and safety. They also established that nurses should not prioritize the physical aspects of the illness over the psychological. Finally, the researchers noted the nurses’ attitudes that promote a relationship and help patients in their recovery processes: Motivation and hope; Maintaining structure; Responsibility and normality; Presence and availability.

5. What are three societal negative and/or positive implications of the research?

A. The research gives insight into the significance of a nurse’s relationship with Anorexia Nervosa patients, especially children, adolescents, and young adults.

B. The research findings indicate that it is possible to improve Anorexia Nervosa patients’ behaviors that can help increase their response to treatment and self-image.

C. The research reveals the possible lack and neglect of the significant benefits of health-promoting relationships in health care.

 6. Provide a question that you would ask the author(s). Describe three ways to improve the research.

            Question: Would the research produce similar or different results if primary data sources were used, such as surveys and case studies?

A. The researchers should have sampled articles from more countries to get a better picture and increase the validity of the findings.

B. The researchers should have factored in more demographics that could impact nurses’ attitudes and ability to foster positive relationships. For example, they could include religion, culture, among others to determine if the response of the nurses’ relationship with patients was uniform across all groups.

C. The researchers should have considered comparing the findings of the 14 articles with at least one primary source, such as a survey on the nurses in a health care setting.

7. Explain how can this research be used in real-world situations? What are three benefits to society and how can the research apply to daily living?

This research is insightful because of the gravity of Anorexia Nervosa disorder, such as high mortality rates. Using these findings, the government, health care organizations, and guardians can focus on improving health outcomes for this and other related disorders.

A. Nurses can focus on creating better relationships with Anorexia Nervosa young patients to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

B. Health care organizations can use this insight to train nurses on fostering better relationships with patients suffering from psychiatric disorders to improve health outcomes.

C. The research serves as a foundation for further studies on the role of nurses in promoting positive outcomes to patients.

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