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Homework Week 02 515

Homework Week 02
Problem 2
Last week a painter painted three houses in five days. This week she painted two houses in four
days. In which week was the painter more productive?
First week
Problem 2
Productivity in week 1 = 3 houses/5days = 0.6 houses per day
Productivity in week 2 = 2 houses/4days = 0.5 houses per day
The painter was more productive in week 1.
Problem 4
A company that makes kitchen chairs wants to compare productivity at two of its facilities. At
facility #1, six workers produced 240 chairs. At facility #2, four workers produced 210 chairs
during the same time period. Which facility was more productive?
Productivity at facility #1 = 240 chairs/6 workers = 40 chairs per worker
Productivity at facility #2 = 210 chairs/4 workers = 52.5 chairs per worker
Answer Facility #2 is more productive.
Aztec Furnishings makes hand-crafted furniture for sale in its retail stores. The furniture maker
has recently installed a new assembly process, including a new sander and polisher.With this new
system, production has increased to 90 pieces of furniture per day from the previous 60 pieces of
furniture per day. The number of defective items produced has dropped from 10 pieces per day to
1 per day. The production facility operates strictly eight hours per day. Evaluate the change in
productivity for Aztec using the new assembly process

  1. A bakery oven produces 346 pastries in 4 hours. What is its productivity?
  2. Two workers paint tables in a furniture shop. If the workers paint 22 tables in 8 hours, what is
    their productivity?
    Med-First is a medical facility that offers outpatient medical services. The facility is
    considering offering an additional service, mammography screening tests, on-site. The facility
    estimates the annual fixed cost of the equipment and skills necessary for the service to be

    $120,000. Variable costs for each patient processed are estimated at $35 per patient. If the
    clinic plans to charge $55 for each screening test, how many patients must it process a year
    in order to break even?
    (a) To compute the break-even quantity:
    The break-even quantity is 3250 pairs. This is how much Fred would have to sell to cover
    Problem 6
    Harrison Hotels is considering adding a spa to its current facility in order to improve its list of
    amenities. Operating the spa would require a fixed cost of $25,000 a year. Variable cost is
    estimated at $35 per customer. The hotel wants to break even if 12,000 customers use the spa
    facility. What should be the price of the spa services?
    Homework Week 04
    Problem 2
    A jet engine has ten components in series. The average reliability of each component is 0.998.
    What is the reliability of the engine? 0.980 Reliability of engine = (0.998)10 = 0.980
    Problem 4 An engine system consists of three main components in a series, all having the
    same reliability. Determine the level of reliability required for each of the components if the
    engine is to have a reliability of 0.998. Level of reliability= 0.9993
    Problem 4 (Reliability)3
    = 0.998, so (0.998)1/3 = 0.9993
    Therefore, reliability of each component = 0.9993
    Problem 8
    A University Web server has five main components each with the same reliability. All five
    components must work for the server to function as intended. If the University wants to
    have a 95 percent reliability, what must be the reliability of each of the components?
    Reliability of each component=
    Problem 8
    = 0.95, so (0.95)1/5 = 0.9898
    Therefore, reliability of each component = 0.9898
  3. What outsourcing functions does UPS provide for clients? inventories and
  4. Which of the following concepts is linked the least with Henry Ford? mass
  5. When was the first mathematical model for inventory management developed? 1913
  6. At the GAP, which function plans and coordinates all the resources needed to design,
    produce, and deliver the merchandise to its various retail locations? operations
  7. Who popularized the moving assembly line? Henry Ford
  8. Which of the following would not be considered a core competency that a company
    might have? an inefficient distribution system
  9. Operational efficiency is: performing operations tasks well
  10. Computer-aided manufacturing is an example of what? Process Technology
  11. Decisions regarding which of the following are not part of the production process
    structure? management policies
  12. Technology should be acquired because: the new technology supports the
    company’s chosen competitive priorities
  13. All product designs begin with __ . an idea
  14. In product screening, issues such as, “What is the market size?” and “What is the long
    term-product potential?” are addressed by: Marketing
  15. In product screening, issues such as “Will we need new facilities and equipment?”
    and “Can material for production be readily obtained?” are addressed by Operations
  16. Services with low customer contact are called quasi-manufacturing
  17. Marketing is a vital link between customers and product design.
  18. Which of the following is not considered to be a characteristic of partnership
    relations? Are “arms-length” in nature
  19. When do rationing and shortage gaming occur? Demand exceeds supply
  20. Crossdocking allows the retailer to replace __ with information and
    coordination. Inventory
  21. What does ESI stand for? Early supplier involvement
  22. What term refers to the working relationship between partners? Intimacy
  23. Who developed a formula for determining the cost of poor quality? Genichi Taguchi
  24. The Japanese term for continuous improvement is Kaizen
  25. In six-sigma the level of defects is reduced to approximately 3.4 parts per million
  26. A __ shows the frequency distribution of observed values of a variable.
  27. Not only does TQM encompass the entire organization but it stresses quality is
    customer driven

    Homework Week 07
    Problem 2. A manufacturer of printed circuit boards has a design capacity of 1000 boards
    per day. The effective capacity, however, is 700 boards per day. Recently, the production
    facility has been producing 950 boards per day. Compute the design and effective capacity
    utilization measures.
    Utilization Design = 95%
    Problem 6. The design and effective capacities for a local emergency facility are 300 and 260
    patients per day, respectively. Currently the emergency room processes 250 patients per day.
    Utilization Effective = 96.15% Utilization Design = 83.33
    Utilization Effective = ActualOutput/EffectiveCapacity * 100 = 250/260 * 100 = 96.2%
    Utilization Design = ActualOutput/DesignCapacity *100 = 250/300 * 100 = 83.3%
    Problem 6. Gator Office Systems has interviewed managers in order to develop the from–to
    matrix: Current Layout- 419 Proposed Layout 883
    Problem 8. David’s Sport Supplies is a store that sells sports equipment and gear for
    teenagers and young adults. David’s is in the process of assigning the location of storage areas
    in its warehouse to minimize the number of trips made to retrieve needed items. Which
    location scheme is the best? Top 55312 bottom 53314 top 45513 bottom 25133
    Problem 10. MMS Associates is a telecommunications service provider. The company is
    currently redesigning its main office to accommodate six newly hired salespeople- How does
    it compare to the original plan considered? An alternative plan is Better
    Homework Week 08
    Problem 6. The Arkade Company has decided to use a 15 percent allowance factor based on
    job time. Calculate the standard time for each work element and for the total job. The
    frequency equals 1 for all work elements.
    1 1.20 0.95 1.311
    2 1.00 0.85 0.97775
    3 0.80 1.10 1.012
    4 0.90 1.10 1.1385

    STjob = 4.439
    ST=(NT)(AF), where AF = 1 + PFD = 1 + 0.15 = 1.15
    STelement 1=(1.14)(1.15)=1.311
    STelement 2=(0.85)(1.15)=0.978
    STelement 3=(0.88)(1.15)=1.012
    STelement 4=(0.99)(1.15)=1.139
    Problem 8 The Arkade Company is considering switching to a 15 percent allowance based on
    time worked. Calculate the new standard time for each work element and for the total job.
    The frequency equals 1 for all work elements.
    Work Element
    Rating Factor ST
    1 1.20 0.95 1.341
    2 1.00 0.85 1.000
    3 0.80 1.10 1.035
    4 0.90 1.10 1.165
    STjob = 4.541
    Problem 10. The Arkade Company used a 15 percent allowance factor based on job time and
    15 percent allowance based on time worked.
    What allowance factor is better when all of the jobs an emlpoyee does are similar and have
    the same allowance factor? Time Worked
    Compare standard times and units produced per day based on both allowance factors and
    decide which of them provides the best result. Job Time
    Problem 4. Using the following project information, choose the right network diagram.

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