What do you need to review and analyze in order to ensure that you can provide the services

a. What do you need to review and analyze in order to ensure that you can provide the services required by this changing population in your area?

Firstly, it is crucial to analyze the number of hospitals within the 25-mile radius and their capabilities. The focus should be to improve the health care system, especially for the outpatient. It is, therefore, crucial to understand which hospitals around the area have the required capacity.

Because such a demographic change could attract more competitors in the area, the hospital management needs to review its weakness and improve where necessary while taking advantage of the strengths to gain a competitive advantage. It is also crucial to analyze the services provided, patient feedback over the recent time, and the competence of health care workers to cater to the needs of younger patients. Finally, it is crucial to analyze the need for expansion while creating agreements to cost-share with nearby facilities.

b. Are there any departments in your hospital that may need to be added or expanded? If so, specifically, which services?

Yes, some departments may need expansion. Maternity and gynecology services should be expanded or added if non-existence. Young adults are more likely to have high pregnancy rates than the elderly, hence a surge in demand for gynecology and maternity services. Additionally, the hospital will possibly experience higher cases of mental health problems. For this reason, there is a need to expand or add the mental health care department. There is a need to improve diagnostic procedures by servicing and purchasing efficient machines. This improvement can reduce wait time for outpatients. Finally, it is essential to ensure the hospital has a counseling department equipped with staff to attend to mental health issues common among young patients.

c. Are there any departments you might be able to reduce or eliminate? If so, specifically which services?

No, there is no need to eliminate any of the existing departments because the young patients can have similar health issues as the older patients. Nonetheless, there might be a need to integrate certain services and facilities to increase efficiency. For instance, there is a need to reduce the waiting time through innovative means such as the online appointment booking process. Because young people have a high rate of technology adoption than the elderly, it is possible to speed the processes and reduce wait time innovatively.

d. What details about clinical staff and administrative staff do you need to take into consideration for any of these changes?

It is crucial to make sure hospital staff are to attend to young patients. The clinicians, for instance, should undergo training programs that focus on the needs of the younger generation. The inexperienced clinicians may receive necessary training from the experienced ones either from the facility or third-party personnel. The training may focus on dress code, the tone of communication, and the ability to handle sensitive issues common among young patients. Another focus is on productivity, as necessitated by the service efficiency needs. The administrative staff should pay greater attention to controlling expenses. Once the number of patients starts to rise, the demand for hospital supplies with also rise. The efforts to control cost should, however, not compromise the quality of health services. Finally, the administrative staff should use a flexible business model that guarantees sustainability and continuous improvement.